August Special

Three choices for August Special any of the 3 are 60 minutes long for $80
1. 1hr Full body relaxation massage with 15 minutes spent on neck and head (usually  $120)
2. 1 hr Facial with hair and scalp oil massage with a strawberry lemonaide acid peel upgrade and mini sound bath (usually  $140)
3. 1 hr Reflexology hand and foot with 15 minutes spent on neck (usually  $100)

Back Massage

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Massage Stones

How to Book Appointment

1. Choose desired services

2. Text 702-998-3689

3. Once time and date have been agreed upon, proceed to the Gift Certificates section in menu.  Be sure to put your information and requested services in the memo area.

4. Upon receipt of certificate purchase, your session will be fully booked in.

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Welcome to Angel Whispers Spa and Meditation Center


Back Massage

"The first wealth is health"

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Spa Services

Back Massage

Relax and Let Go of the Outside World

Swedish Massage is a very slow and soothing touch. It consists of long flowing strokes and repetitive circular movements to ease away stress and worries. It is done at a light to firm pressure as not to cause any pain. This massage is best for those looking to escape for a moment of "me time".





Therapeutic Massage

For Those Aches and Pains

Therapeutic massage addresses specific issues or areas of need.

Medical Massage is something I learned in China from blind monks. It is extremely slow and mostly consists of Myofacial Release and Gua Sha with some Deep Tissue too. It often leaves the area pink as it causes extreme blood circulation for maximum relief and detox. This form takes patience and breathing and is often done for the whole time on one area of issue.



Sports Massage consists of stretching and some deep tissue. It is mostly used on athletes or those who are stiff and have lack of range of motion.



Cupping Massage uses vacuum cups that are applied and then moved around. Cupping usually leaves dark red to purple circles where the cups are left to rest for several min, however, in Cupping Massage, the cups are moved consistently, only being left in place for seconds. In this method there is no red marks left. This method is best used when there is a need for deep tissue work but one doesn't want the pain of deep tissue.



Massage Combos

Relaxation and Therapy

30min Medical, 30min Swedish

60 min/$110

30min Medical, 60min Swedish

90 min/$150

60min Medical, 60min Swedish

120 min/$220

60min Reiki, 60min Swedish

120 min/$180

The Circuit

3 hours from start to finish

1 hour relaxing massage

1 hour Hyperbaric Tube session

20 min Infra Red Sauna

Shower after if you wish

3 hours/$140 First Time

3 hours/$160 after


11 min meditation with Temple Bowl Gong, 10min Infrared Sauna, 90min Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage, 10 min more in the Infrared Sauna, a

30 min nap on the warm table and a 10 min hot shower.

170 min/$200



Specialized Foot and Calf Massage

Reflexology is an ancient science that shows the whole body is connected to the foot. Each organ, and the spine, are represented on the feet. By massaging or "activating" reflexology points on and around the foot, one can essentially massage or "activate" the representative organ or bone, allowing for a full body massage, inside and out, by just massaging the feet. First things first, the scrub. To activate the foot, it is first gently scrubbed with a sugar scrub set in Avocado oil and Peppermint essential oil. Then a nice wrap with warm moist towels to clean all the scrub off. A nice foot massage to address the whole body, then pressure points to address your needs. This service can be added to any other service.


Reiki Treatment


Energy Therapy

Reiki is an ancient form of energy therapy used on anyone for any reason. Reiki energy is a universal energy that is channeled through me to you, to increase your sense of well being. Often combined with massage sessions, Reiki can be done on its own. Reiki, when done alone, is a hands off form of therapy, for those who prefer therapy without being touched. 


$20 Add On To Any Massage Service


Chair Massage

For Office or Events

Chair massage is done in 15 Min increments on multiple people, one after the other. This service is charged at $20 per person, minimum 5 people. Great for those office lunch breaks to revive you mid day and take a little stress off your shoulders during a mini get away. Also great for events like golf days with the buds. Relax your shoulders and back post game to keep things from "kinking up" on you later. Lets not forget about parties and special events too.

15min/$20 Min Minimum 5 People

Head Massage

Facial Treatments

The Basic Facial

The Basic Facial starts off with a warm steam towel to cleanse and relax the face. Then a facial cleanser is applied and massaged in, to thoroughly cleans the face. Next, the scrub, a gentle exfoliation to even further purify the skin and prepare it for the following masks. Once again, the face is massaged with cleanser to remove all the scrub and debris, then the series of masks are applied. All masks are hand made, all natural and fully customizable. Once the final mask is removed, a toner is applied, then a moisturizer. Warm steam towels are applied between each step.

45min 1 mask /$60






Exfoliate and Rejuvenate

Scrubs consist of a 25min full body scrub with product of your choice, a 10min shower to cleans and relax, followed by a 25min full body application of moisturizing oil to replenish and heal skin.


Choice of:



Coffee Oatmeal

Relaxing Massage



Wraps consist of a full body application of your product of choice for 10min then you are wrapped up in a series of sheets and blankets to keep you good and warm for 20min. Afterwards you are un-wrapped and shower off for 10min followed by a 20min application of moisturizing oil. It is recommended to add on the Hair and Scalp Treatment during the wrapping process.


Choice of:

Tres Leches

Aloe Honey

Pumpkin Spice


Spa Packages

A Day at the Spa

The Scrub-N-Wrap

Your choice of Scrub and Wrap


The Deal

60min Swedish, Foot Scrub, Aromatherapy, 3 Mask Facial and Mini Sound Bath



Scrub, Wrap, Mini Sound Bath, Aromatherapy, 60min Swedish and 3 Mask Facial



Scrub, Wrap, Swedish, Aromatherapy, Mini Sound Bath, 1 Mask Facial with Acid and Enzyme Masks


A Whole Day At The Spa

Personal 60min Sound Bath, 10min in the Infrared Sauna, 60min Scrub-N-Wrap, 10min shower, 90min Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage, 10min in the Infrared Sauna, 30min nap, 10min shower.

270min (about 4.5 hrs)/$420

Can be done at 1:00

Massage Supplies

Add On's

Add on to any service

In Home Kenesiology Testing

One Session/$50

Hair and Scalp Oil Treatment and Massage




Mini Sound Bath


Infrared Sauna

10min before service, 10min after service and 10min shower / $25

Yoga at Home

Meditation Center Services


Sound Baths are done every Wednesday at 7:00pm. This is a different kind of meditation. During this service you lay down on a comfortable floor mattress with pillow. A series of gongs, temple bowl gongs, bells, chimes, and crystal singing bowls are played around and near you. This meditation is guided by sound and often causes intense journeys of the mind. 


Back Massage


Balance Your Chi

This can be used in conjunction with other alternative therapies. It takes into account the whole person and helps activate each patient’s natural healing processes as well as restoring their physical and emotional well-being.

Massage Oils


Natural Healing

Holistic medicine is a broad range of practices based on generations of tradition. After a single session, you’ll start to see changes to your body, mind and energy levels. Contact me to find out more.



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Relaxing Massage