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Come try Holistic Kinesiology Wellness Session
30 Min $60
60 Min $120
90 Min $150


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A Natural Approach to Healing

Welcome to Guru Lovepreet’s Healing Sanctuary. My temple is a retreat for your body mind and soul. This is a sacred space of non-judgement and un-conditional love. All are invited to come recieve the peace and love. As the master healer of my temple, I would love nothing more than to show you compassion and patience to truly achieve the alleviation of your antagonizing concern. CAN’T WAIT TO GREET YOU!!! :)


How to Book Appointment

1. Choose desired services

2. CALL 702-375-4242

3. Please arrive PRECISELY on time or text notifying you are running late. There is no paperwork to fill.

4. WHEN YOU ARRIVE. Please head next door to Heavenly Gift Shoppe to check in. I will ever so lovingingly collect you and usher you in when i am fully prepaired. ENJOY SHOPPING!

DO NOT KNOCK DOOR OR TEST THE HANDLE!!! I assure you IT IS LOCKED. You may be disturbing the end of someones service.. PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THE DOOR. I will be with you :)


Welcome to Angel Whispers Spa and Meditation Center

PLEASE CALL 702-375-4242


Holistic Kinesiology

Wellness Sessions

30 Min $60

60 Min $120

90 Min $150

Holistic Kinesiology is not a licensed or certified title



Mind, Body and Soul

What is Holistic Kinesiology??

The most amazing thing ever! That’s what! Hi, I am Guru Lovepreet. Since 12 years old, I have dedicated my life whole heartedly to the practices of the ancient healing arts. At the age of 15 I became a Reiki Practitioner and never looked back. I spent my life traveling the world to study. At a point, I found myself studying psychic surgery from blind monks in a holistic healing hospital somewhere in Beijing, China. Now, at 40 years old, after 28 years of study and practice, I carry the title, Master Healer Guru Lovepreet. And I LOVE what I do! So what is that?? LOVE YOU!!! That’s what!! I lovingly usher you into my sanctuary and intently pay dedicated attention to you. I listen to your words you say, and the words you don’t. I see in your eyes, and intently admire your circumstances. We come to an agreement on expectations and continue. You lay, clothed, on my CRAZY CUMFY super wide thick and bolstered table, maybe blanket, hear the waterfall, hear the monks chant, as I cover your chest in a Rose Quartz blanket, and your eyes, a Dream Amethyst mask. Enjoy the energy from the Amethyst stuffed, wisteria covered, copper pyramid. It begins. I spend 10-15 min, lulling you into intense peace and solace, with the “Gemini Bowl”. A blessing unlike any other. Welcome!!! Now at peace, we proceed. I lay of hands. Things happen, emotions happen, pain happens,,, and in the end, freedom happens. Suddenly, life dosen’t suck so bad, things feel,,, better… if not completely solved. You get up SLOWLY!!! And float out the door to enjoy the rest of your day like you never imagined. Blessed Be my love!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

Did someone say FACIAL!!!????

At 22 years old I achieved the title, Licenced Aesthetician, and it began!!! Before long I was: Lead Aesthetician, Medical Aesthetician, Lazer Tech and Acid Specialist. NOT GOOD ENOUGH!! I combined my studies in the ancient arts and dug up some GREAT ancient secrets!! My facial is always fully customized. My products,, crazy amazing and amazing at what they do!! I tell you it’s just not fair how GORGEOUS you will look after! And the facial itself,, too much fun! The bendy bed and huggy pillow!! The perfectly warm towels, the smells!!! The fun guided meditation I talk you thru! My TOYS!!! ooo the fun things I use!! TOO MUCH FUN!! aaaaannnndddd can be added on to a wellness session! Stay awhile ;) ;) ;)~45min $100

MMMMMM Creamy, Warm, Soothing, Fantastic BODY WRAP!!!!!

Warning!! One must be fully nude for this service!!! Which is TOTALY cool, because your whatnots are FULLY COVERED AT ALL TIMES!!! I have ZERO interest in seeing or touching your whatnots. I do, however, want to get the wrap on as much of you as possible. Once you are all oooey gooey yummy in your milky fruity concoction,, I cover you in two more blankets,, YOU ARE NOT ACTUALLY WRAPPED!!! Being wraped sucks, your all claustrophobic, you can’t move,,, not cool. Here you lay on a gently warming, Jade and Black Tourmaline, negative ion, far-infrared, heating pad. As you melt in luxury, I caress your hair and scalp with a hair mask, slowly working every inch of your scalp, pulling gently thru your hair, getting it to the tip. At this point we are about 30 min in. I warm towel your feet clean, and leave you to enjoy the magic of my Chower!!! Once all Chowered clean, you dry off with my MASSIVE towel and come on out. I slide into the room and quickly redoo the table all clean again. You re-enter and I spend the last few mins covering you in warm: Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin, Olive Oil. The oil of the gods. Fully blessed and feeling like satin, I let you back into the world to shine like a diamond!~60min $100

What in the heck is a SOUND BATH??????

One may Sound Bath by ones self, or there may be up to three others to join. So, What is it?? It is a journey of the soul, it’s one of the craziest expieriences. You may see colors, you may feel physical sensations. You may get crazy emotional, you may become crazy sensitive. This is THE DEFINITION of a healing session. THINGS ARE GOING TO HAPPEN. Be open, be accepting. Receive, be gratefull. Judge not, be free, FLY!!! LOVE!!!!!!  It starts. You or yall, are greeted, welcomed, and possibly lightly beat head to toe with a bamboo brush to cleanse you. I “beat the shit out of you” it feels amazing when I am done. Please find your places in the pyramid. The session starts with the 20 min version of the Gemini Bowl Blessing. Once fully cleanzed, centered, and pyramid activated, the temple bowl gong calls out to you. After a few rings, when she sings her song pure, showing yall are ready, we move to your exit of the room, the gong Aukra. He is a GORGEOUS dragon who sneaks in from above. He greets you, and ushers you on a ride to the heavens. IT’S A RIDE! Oh is he fun! He hands you off to the female dragon gong who ushers you to heavens gate. WELCOME!! The bowl of love sings of your arrival, and the bowl of knowledge fills you with what you need for your journey ahead. The “Gods Voice” Vadra bell sings the purest song to cleanse your thoughts. LETS GO! First the Root chakra, all the way thru the crown chakra, each crystal bowl sings for about 3 min. Align, atune, admire, accept, learn, love, NEXT!! Once tuned toe to hair, rings pure and clear, the unconditional love bowl, to cover you inside and out, in pure awesomness. Journeys nearing its end.  Suddenly dancing prancing fairies fill the air with chimes as they enter joy into the room. CRASH BANG BANG!! I dance and twirl all about you and the room, celebrating playing the gong of joy to celebrate the end of your time in the clouds. As one entered one exits. The bell, the bowls and back to your escort dragon. She passes you back to Aukra, and he lovingly retuns you, all better, back where you lay, safe and sound. Blessed Be my love!!! I hope it was AWESOME!~$100/1 person or $150 total, for up to 4 total